Sunday, October 08, 2006

So far...

Finally had a chance to get back into the homebrewery after a summer of way too many hours at the Day Job. Spent a few hours on Saturday cleaning and getting organized to brew again.

09/30: Brewed 10 gals. of 13P wort for Saison

15# Belgian Pils malt
1.5# Aromatic
1.5# table sugar in the kettle

Warrior for 40 IBU
Domestic Saaz for steep at KO

Pitched 3724

I expect a long and cantankerous ferment. Then bottle conditioning. Hmmm, bottle conditioning.

10/01: Brewed 10 gals. of 11P wort for Pale Ale

16# Great Western 2-row
.5# Caramunich
.5# Crystal 80
1 oz. Chocolate malt

1 oz. each 17% alpha Columbus, 10% alpha Centennial & 12% alpha Chinook at 60 and 20.
1.5 ozs. each Amarillo and Simcoe at 5 or so.

Split the wort into two 6.5 gal. carboys and pitched Wyeast Rogue Pac Man yeast. These in turn will get used as starter batches for a Russian Imperial Stout and a Barley Wine.

These all went into the downstairs bathroom with the heater tuned for 70F (the heater will burn out later in the week - ha, ha, ha).

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