Friday, August 31, 2007

MIchael Jackson 1942-2007

Michael Jackson has been a profound influence on me, where beer flavor is more important than beer style. Beer is not simply defined by OG, TG, IBU, SRM and ABV. Mr. Jackson presented a point of view where the broader flavor profile is the least of it. The simple technical characteristics of a beer fit within style description. The subjective qualities of beer; aroma, appearance, texture, food accompaniment, and the simple satisfaction of a soft pint have a deeper significance. Similar to the way wine is tasted and described, Mr. Jackson brought a lexicon and a sense of literature to the way beer flavor is described. Beer style is a function of beer flavor and the technical, geographic, cultural, and commercial influences on that beer flavor. Mr. Jackson was a sound authority on those influences and their importance. Every beer tells a story and Michael Jackson was a great story teller.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

And On To the Beach

8/5-8/12: Spent the week camping at Kalaloch. Very nice. Though it took until Thursday to really unwind. The ten gallons of Red Ale was delicious. Firm malt: chewy, lightly sweet and raisiny, excellent bitterness: that bittering hop combination is a nice balance of "clean" and "dirty" bitternesses, good hop fragrances and flavors, and nice fruity esters: melon and pears. Carbonation was a bit on the low side which was fine. I usually just stick the keg in a bucket of water for cooling, so the beer pours at "cellar" temperature. Mmmm, nice and soft.