Sunday, December 30, 2007

Don't like your job? Quit!

I did. Gonna put some hours in at Bob's Homebrew and try to pick up a Beertending gig while I complete my Business Plans. More on that later. Mind is still slightly blown. Does that hard dark knot in the pit of my gut signal the exit to self employment?

Thursday, December 06, 2007

"This one time at Judge Camp..."

12/1: Advanced Judge training at Full Sail, Hood River, Oregon hosted by Ted Hausotter, BJCP Master Judge. Loooong way to go. Good information on sour flavors in beer, flavor effects of sugars in brewing and judging mead. Young Orval only misses the point, Sorry Ron. Jammed 50 5-gallon Corny kegs in the back of the truck for the ride home. Nice. Oh, it stormed and poured snow all the way home. Real nice.

Big Wood

11/29: Went down to Brouwer's for their wood aged beer festival. Tons of amazing beer on draft. Dozen or so sour beers and about three times as many big beers. Most of them being stronger styles. Two sour Lost Abbey selections; "Brouwer's Blend" Stong Dark and "Yellow Bus" peach beer. Brouwer's Blend appeared to be a blending of different vintages of Cuvee de Tomme; excellent flavors of resinous herbs, chocolate and balsamic vinegar. We managed to show up right as it was 86'd but did get a short sip from a friend. Yellow Bus on the other hand was a bit of a challenge; very firm acetic/white vinegar with a distinct pedio/diacetyl note long through the finish. Wooof. Maritime Bourbon Bosuns' Black was the best; firm bodied chocolatey/smoky Porter with delicious caramel candy flavors from the Bourbon Barrel. The beers that showed the best were the ones where the addition of wood added real dimension and depth of flavor. Flyers Laphroiag Oaked Bottleworks VIII Imperial Scotch Ale; quite a mouthful and quite a mouthful; full bodied, boozy, rich malt sugar flavors against firm & phenolic oak. Elysian Jack Frost; candyish malt and firm citrusy bitterness out of a Jack Daniels barrel. Hair of the Dog Fred on the Wood; hearty, sprucy and candyish Strong Golden. Port Brewing Older Viscosity; sugary, intense maple and roast-like flavors with a huge Port Wine nose. Amazing beers, every one.