Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pac Man Pale and Imperial Stout Daydreams

Transfered the Pac Man Pale. Got it down to a respectable 2.5P. Big aromatics; orange juice and roses. I think the primary was a little hot as I'm picking up a bit of perfume up front and a touch of phenol through the middle of the palate. Otherwise; deep golden amber with a distinct red hue, firm slightly chewy malt, the bitterness is quite forward with flavors reminding me of lemon grass and cedar. Very resinous, which I like. I put it into carboys as I don't have any kegs ready for fresh beer. I'll dryhop the beer in the keg, a mix of Columbus, Amarillo and Simcoe. This'll bring one of the bittering varieties and both late addition varieties forward into the tank. Full circle, in a sense.

I've been meditating on the Imperial Stout I want to brew. I'm thinking OG 27.5P or so, a hop routine similar to what went into the Pac Man Pale and, of course, the Pac Man yeast. Tons of Black Patent malt, a bunch of Crystal 120, a little Chocolate malt, and some Caramunich. Inky black, kinda oily with intense bitter chocolate and ashy notes. This should show well against the residual sweetness I expect and the firm bitterness I'll put into it. I've got oak cubes resting in some Dickel, maybe I'll season some of the Imperial Stout with a little wood n' whiskey.

I'll go out to Bob's tomorrow and get my apple juice. The yearly delivery of cider juice from Lopez Island Farms is coming in. Yay! Bruce (Lopez Island Farms Mainman) has orchards made up of varieties of apples specifically for "cidering". Juice shows up sulfited and ready to pitch. I'm in for 10 gallons this year. I've done this previous years and have ended up with some pretty good stuff. Usually ferments out quite dry and conditioned with a lot of very tiny bubbles is real nice.

Washington Brewers Guild Cask Beer Fest is Saturday. We've got passes for the evening session. Should be a good time, I look forward to this one because it's less a marketing event and more a real celebration of local beer. Looking forward to Maritime Brewings' XPA and the Saison from the Puyallup Ram/BIg Horn Brewery.

Anyone know where to get good fresh pork belly in Seattle? I've got Pancetta on the To Do List. Thanks.

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