Sunday, October 08, 2006


10/07: Brewed 10 gallons of 16.5P wort.

Everything is bubbling nicely this morning.

20# Weyerman Munich
5# Weyerman Vienna

German Hallertau and Domestic Saaz for 25 IBU

5 gallons pitched 2206 for an Oktoberfest-style beer.
5 gallons pitched 3275 for Biere de Garde.

Wort smelled and tasted real nice. Big toasty malt character, some smoke. I would associate the smoky note with mash scorching but there was none. Curious to see how that aspect plays out as we ferment and condition.

The BdG will go into heavy Belgian-style brown glass bottles (recycled Ommegang), get corked and bottle conditioned. Looking forward to that, now to get some bottles cleaned up.

Pulled a sample of the Flanders Brown. After 5 months on the Wyeast Roeselare it lacks the acid and character I was expecting. Maybe not enough gas exchange. I'll transfer out of the carboy into a plastic bucket and see what develops.

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