Monday, July 02, 2007

Something Reddish

6/30: Brewed 10 gals. of beer for our week at Kalaloch in August.

10# 2 Row
5# Marris Otter
5# Munich
2# Honey Malt
1# Biscuit Malt
1/2 #'s each; Special B & Crystal 120

Made an attempt at a Batch Sparge and the efficiency was just 65%. Bummer.

1 oz. 13.3% alpha Simcoe @ 1st wort
1 oz. 11.5% alpha Magnum + 1/2 oz. 13.1% alpha Chinook + 1/2 oz. 17% alpha Columbus at 60 and 30
1 oz. 8.9% alpha Amarillo at 20 and 10

Pitched the Wyeast 1098 British Ale. One of my favorites; good attenuation, malt and hop accenting and a nice flavor profile overall.

I'll dryhop each tank with an ounce of the Amarillo for added dimensions of hoppiness. I'm expecting a firm bitterness from this beer and the dryhop should compliment nicely.

We'll take a tank of Saison with us too.

I'm soo looking forward to hitting the Coast. This has been a yearly trip for ages, we missed it last year and this year will make up for it. Campfires, beach walks, toss some horse shoes, fly a bit of kite, afternoon naps, lotsa hearty home brewed beer and good food. My favorite camping lunch is cold roast chicken, hard white cheddar and Stoned Wheat Thins washed down with lashings of good home brewed beer. Hmmm.

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