Sunday, July 15, 2007

Into the Keg

3/14: Kegged the Red Ale. Dryhopped each keg with an ounce of Amarillo. Terminal gravity was just a touch high. Maybe it'll dry out a little further. Tastes nice though. Quite firm bitterness, raisiny malt flavors and light fruity esters.

I think I might toss all my kegs and start over. Couldn't get the liquid tube of the second keg to stay pointed straight down the keg. It kept twisting. Son of a Beeotch. Aw, maybe I'm due for a coupla keg reconditioning kits. Although tossing out all those ungrateful MF's sounds appealing.

I'll have to forego brewing the beers for the wedding party. Not enough time. Plus too hot for brewing. Oh well.

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