Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Too much Day Job lately and not enough Brewing. Got the T-day weekend off, so I'll brew Friday. 5gal batch of something strongish and dark for the Holidays. I'm thinking 12# pale (half Marris Otter - half Great Western 2-row), pound or so of 80L Crystal, 8ozs Chocolate malt, and a couple pounds Brown Sugar. Moderate bitterness (British) and a finish of fresh orange peel and Cascade. Zipped up with some 1056. Passed a similar recipe for an extract beer to Julian two weeks ago. They've just started their adventure in Homebrewing and wanted to put something strongish and dark together. So I rattled this little ditty off. They're gonna be in town for Christmas and they'll bring some of their brew to share. I haven't put my holiday beer together yet so I thought I'd brew one of these so we can compare batches. Should be fun.

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