Saturday, December 06, 2008

Where It's At

Well it's been three months since the last posting, may as well throw down an update. Working the Tasting Room at Big Al Brewing. Very interesting; mainly on two levels, going through starting a new business and starting that new business on the ashes of one that operated before. The cut in pay has been a real bear, no home brewing going on at present. The schedule keeps me away from my sweetie more than I like. But on the bright side, I'm eating less shit behind the counter these days. The previous brewery that ran on this site had a very cozy little taproom scene going on. Very cozy, lot's of shenanigans and some of that I'm sure helped contribute to sinking the ship. The new brewery opens and the locals expected a simple reopening of the old brewery. Didn't happen, won't happen, get over it, over and out. Some tension, some hurt feelings, and some tears. As the full time bar I'm the point person for answering questions, explaining the new plan, and taking shit when that comes up short of the "right" answer. Oh well. No more; IPA, Live Music, Food, TV, Mug Club, Party Pigs, Longer Service Hours, Under the Counter Beer Sales, Smoking Weed in the Walk-in, and After Hours Partying. Really.

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