Friday, March 28, 2008

I Probably Don't Like You

This won't count as one of my most productive posts, oh well. I'm about four real posts behind. Got the Washington Homebrewers Association, our Clubs' Wheat Beer Shindig, Hard Liver '08 & Cask Fest '08 to blawg over.

Looking over the bids on that eBay deal, I can't tell if any of the people who pushed the prices up won any of the auctions. Have to wait for all the feedback to register. Maybe see if eBay can give the series of auctions a once over and make the call on whether or not there were any shenanigans.

Plus that fawking AHA TechTalk mailing list is dumbing waay down lately. Knock it off with the clone recipe requests, shitheads. Sack up and do the work yourself!


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