Sunday, September 09, 2007

Beer Bottling Blitzkrieg

9/2: Hunkered down and got a couple batches of beer put away. Barley Wine into 2 cases of 12 oz'ers and a short case of 22's. Imperial Stout into 2 cases of 22's. Saison into 2 cases of 22's and a corny keg. Transfered the Biere de Garde from under it's pellicle into a clean carboy. I've had a couple ounces of the Stavin American Oak cubes soaking in some George DIckel for a awhile. I dosed some of the Barley Wine and Imperial Stout with these. Wasn't sure of how far to go with the addition of oak cubes so I did 2 pairs of bottles with 4 cubes and 2 pairs of bottles with 6 apiece. The Imperial Stout got a similar treatment but starting with more cubes, like 8 to 10. I figure I can up the dose as needed. Very excited to see how these turn out. The bottles smelled amazing before the caps went on. The Imperial Stout turned up spot on; bitter black, slightly oily with a lightly ashy finish. The Saison should condition up nice; earthy, toasty malt, lightly drying and spicy. The BdG has got some interesting stuff going on; firm and dry "cellared" character with a touch of tangy pineapple. Something wild going on, perhaps a touch of the Brett. I'll bottle this up shortly and we'll see how we do.

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