Monday, June 11, 2007

Off To See The Wizard...

We're off to Belgium. Not a moment too soon either. Last couple weeks have been a Perfect Storm of family obligations (folks from out of town, houseguests, a Commencement). I'm starting to feel the "Got To Brew" pinch. All me free time I would have used in April/May for brewing, I was judging. Extra hours at work and the familial plague since then have precluded any time in the Homebrewery. Oh, my truck got hit too and I've had to contend with that. Drivers' side door won't operate. Climbing in and out through the passenger side is a f*cking drag. But we have a couple days out of town to look forward to. I'm taking the kit so I'll be able to post, maybe put up some pictures. I hope to return inspired and hot to fire up the kettles. When we get back I'll be brewing some Double IPA and Strong Wit for a friends' wedding party and beer for our camping trip in August (a 4C Pale and some nice, nutty Mild). And then I'll see where the Belgian Retreat leads me.

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