Monday, April 23, 2007

Korean-Style Short Ribs + Export-Style lager = TL4E

Came up with a wicked simple marinade that is simply wickedly delicious.

Equal parts soy sauce and brown sugar (1/2 cup or so each)
8-ish garlic cloves, minced (better yet, half a head of garlic, minced)
A wee dribble of Mirin
A not-so-wee dribble of Sesame Oil
Many grinds of white pepper
A handful of sliced green onion

Threw this into a zip-bag with some good looking Natural Beef short ribs cut Kalbi style. Just short of 4 pounds. Zipped up, massaged it a bit and then into the fridge. Let it rest about 2 hours. Got a nice medium-afterburner fire going in the Egg. I've been rocking the Kingsford brand hardwood charcoal lately. Not bad at $6.99 for a 10# bag (should probably have stocked up). Burns clean and hot with some nice campfire notes. Anyway, on with the ribs. Centered over the fire at 2 mins. per side. Just enough for some good color and cooked to medium (maybe 3+ mins. on that 1st side next time). Served with chili/garlic stir-fried Asparagus and steaming hot white rice. Very nice indeed.

The only thing missing were quarts and quarts of cold and crisp home brewed Export-Style Lager to wash it down. Export is one of my dream styles. Medium-full bodied, lightly malt sweet, firm underlying bitterness, tight conditioning and a snappy finish. I love it. Made do with Singha for the ribs. I like the Singha but it's a bit moody and you don't always end up with a brightly flavored glass of beer. If it's off, it's usually stale. BJCP places Singha in the American Premium Lager catagory. I'm thinking "Not so much". An OG of 1.064 and medium-full body with a well distinguished malt complexity should place it well outside the American Premium standard. When I want Export-Style beer I go for Singha (though that 1.064 is still off the BJCP chart). One of my peak beer experiences is on one of our early trips to Frisco when the Gordon Biersch off Harrison was still fresh to us. We dropped in for lunch on an afternoon when they had their "Golden Export" on tap. A sublimely delicious glass of beer. Half order of zesty BBQ'd Baby Backs, salty garlic fries right off the oil and that Export-Style beer. Very, very nice indeed.

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